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In this episode of the podcast, we discuss many great perspectives on what it means to be powerful, how we can take responsibility for our behaviours and how to map out what healthy and meaningful habits looks like on a daily basis. Some potential insights you might benefit from are, how do you practice deep personal reflection that can empower us and lead to a healthier sense of self. These reflections can also improve our relationship with others, particularly our loved ones.

About David

Over the last decade, David Jan Jurasek has been committed to helping kids and their parents/caregivers struggling to learn how to master intense emotions through a therapeutic martial arts program he created called Integra Young Warriors (YW). The program is piloting in 15 schools in Ontario and Quebec. Recently, David and his most senior Sensei, Jack Manchester, launched a fictional novel series based on the YW program also called “Young Warriors” with their first book, titled “Jacob’s Fire”.   The YW and the Mindfulness Martial Arts (MMA) Programs mentioned in the talk are part of Integra, a clinic specializing in serving families with Learning Disabilities and complex Mental Health challenges within the Child Development Institute (CDI). Find out more about the program and get a preview of the book

You can see his great talk at the 2018 in the video below.

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