How Does Therapy Work?

State Of Mind Mental Health Podcast by Starts With Me #4

What are all the different kinds and how to find what works best for you? There are around 400 types of accepted therapy by the American Psychological Association. I have my preferences for personal reasons and those I’ll provide once I finish my masters of counselling pscyhology and become a registered psychotherapist. It is important to note that the most important thing is that you are doing something! We can’t get better unless we are moving in the direction of healing and recovery. 

I the podcast I reference Jon Kabat-Zinn the founder of Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction, who really pioneered western medical mindfulness interventions and the founder of Dialectical Behavioural Therapy Marsha M. Linehan. There are so many other people to learn from, these are just two who I discussed in the podcast amongst other things. 

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Starts With Me is a company of ‘Peers’ leading a post-institutional mental health care movement. We create platforms to support gaps in education and services along with empowering families and individuals to increase their capacity for well-being.


  1. Hi Mike!

    I found your videos on addiction on Youtube and want to thank you for your contribution in spreading awareness on weed dependence/addiction, and that it certainly IS real.

    I have added some of your videos in my playlist regarding the subject of weed addiction, including people like you, talking about their own issues and insights. I believe personal stories as yours, connect with people in a way that no fear mongering would ever achieve.


Feel free to look through my playlists and share it to spread awareness.
 Much love to you, I am amazed by what you have been able to achieve and the effort you put into helping others.

    1. Hi,
      Thanks so much for taking the time to comment and for sharing the videos. I do sincerely appreciate it. I am also quite inspired by people like yourself who take the time to connect and share their honest insights and perspectives. It really helps me stay inspired and reminds me that the messages that were taught to me continue to be true for others. I’ll check out your playlist.

      Thanks again!

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