Conversations In The Mirror

We’re thrilled to post our first ever guest blog! A poem from Suman Banik. HIs bio & info is below.

Conversations In The Mirror

For the times you’ve hated me so much
And the times you’ve broken my trust.
For the mistakes that you choose.
Yes, Choose.
To make, over, and over and over again.
How the fuck can I forgive that?
You’re worthless.
All you do is make the same mistakes every time.
Make the same sorry excuses.
Only to give me the hurt of a thousand bruises.
I don’t forgive you because you aren’t trying hard enough
I don’t care if it’s your best…
I don’t care, because you should be better than that
You should be so much more.
You’re so disgusting.
You’re so damn weak.
You’re just… a lost cause

 Suman Banik is a student at the University of Toronto Scarborough studying mental health and neuroscience with a background in some Medicine through the Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland. He is currently engaged in research and working on his skills in therapy at the South Asian Autism Awareness Centre, Mood Disorders Society of Canada, Undergraduate Student Representative for the Canadian Psychological Association, and taking workshops at the Toronto Hostels Training Centre. When he is not engaged in research and therapy, he is heavily involved in mental health advocacy. As an individual with lived experience with Bipolar and Borderline Personality Disorder, he understands how important it is to support organizations like Starts with Me in order to collaborate with peers and have a community to connect and relate with to share their experiences in a safe and meaningful platform for expression.

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