Hospitality, Food & Beverage | Popping the Bottle on Mental Health & Addiction #13

One of the most stressful industries, we discuss mental health and addiction with Ariel Coplan & Hassel Aviles, founders of Not 9 to 5 a Canadian organization focused on mental health and addiction in the hospitality, food and beverage industry. 

In the podcast we discuss many issues around the challenges of serving with a smile, of always being on, of the long days and nights, and how people often forget to take care of themselves. 

About Not 9 to 5: We’re encouraging change for a healthier mental wellbeing for both employers and employees by normalizing the struggle, decreasing stigma & connecting to resources.

We chose the name Not 9 to 5 because nothing about our industry or mental health and addiction is limited to those hours. It felt honest and fitting. We don’t believe in judgement or preaching. We’d love to hear from you, this initiative is designed by the industry for the industry.

Not 9 to 5 was founded by Ariel Coplan & Hassel Aviles.  Hassel has 15+ years of culinary FOH experience focused on restaurants, events and entrepreneurship. Ariel has been cooking for over a decade and is currently an executive chef, restaurateur and consultant. 

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