Healing from and Living with Grief

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In this conversation, we explore how you can process grief, loss, and trauma.

How to develop resilience, self-compassion, and how to transform grief into a meaningful life.

We discuss Addison’s recent book, First Year of Grief Club: A Gift From A Friend Who Gets It 

If you want to hear from an inspiring individual who has overcome tremendous suffering and shows us through his life how we can find purpose in pain, you will love this episode.

Addison shows up in the world as an active, committed grief and emotional fitness advocate after landing just to the left of death three times in his 20s: losing his brother to a brain tumor, finding his father after suicide, and surviving a fatal accident that killed a dear friend and left him relearning to walk. He attributes his ability to not only survive but thrive with PTSD and compounded grief to the presence and proliferation of community and connections in his life.

You can find Addison on social media: @addisonbrasil and at www.addisonbrasil.com

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