#63 – How Families RECOVER & HEAL from ADDICTION Travis Thompson LMFT, PhD Candidate

#63 – How Families RECOVER & HEAL from ADDICTION Travis Thompson LMFT, PhD Candidate

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Travis Thompson is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist with extensive experience in addiction therapy. With a focus on how addiction impacts systems of people, from couples to families and entire communities, Travis has worked with adults and adolescents diagnosed with severe substance abuse and mental illness.

He’s worked in both long-term care and shorter-term treatment facilities, including intensive outpatient programs for mental health and substance addiction, as well as outpatient clinics with a family-centered focus. In addition to his clinical work, Travis has created programming at drug and alcohol rehabilitation facilities, and runs a private practice focused on helping couples and families in early recovery.

Drawing from his own personal experiences in addiction and recovery, Travis is passionate about helping others navigate the challenges of addiction and develop sustainable recovery strategies. Travis graduated from Lee University with a bachelor’s degree in Psychology and went on to earn his Masters degree in Marriage and Family Therapy.

He is currently pursuing a PhD, with a focus on the development and administration of programs for individuals with concurrent mental health and substance addiction disorders.

Learn more about Travis Here – https://www.travisthompsoncounseling.com/

Get Travis’ Book here – https://www.amazon.com/Those-Left-Behind-Understand-Addiction/dp/B0C1JB55RR

Time Stamps

00:00 – Introduction

01:56 – The Connection Between Personal Experiences and Career Paths

05:09 – The Importance of Addressing Severe Mental Health Cases

06:42 – Criticisms of Modern Mental Health Care Delivery Model

08:15 – The Issue with Medicalized Symptom-Based Addiction Treatment

14:16 – The Impact of AA and Al-Anon on Recovery

15:08 – The Importance of Addressing Family Issues in Recovery

24:30 – My personal Journey of Marriage Recovery 

28:00 – Setting Boundaries in Recovery


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