How to Make Therapy More Accessible for Men | With Eric Pierni Founder of Men Therapy Toronto

In this episode, Eric Pierni the founder of Men Therapy Toronto, shares his wisdom on why some men have a hard time asking for help and describes how he thinks about the need for the emergence of a modern masculinity that is rooted in love.

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Eric’s Bio

“I founded Men Therapy Toronto as a result of my personal life experiences which helped me to see with starkness that quality care for men who are looking for help is not always easily available, accessible or understood.  It became clear to me that working with men in the area of mental health occasionally requires approaches that may be slightly different than traditional therapy may offer.  In addition, many men struggle in their relationships with other men (i.e. father, friends, co-workers) and as a result sitting in front of a male therapist is often paramount to work through those issues and concerns.  I am a trained therapist which implies that I have the aptitude and skill to do this work however I too am constantly doing my own work to ensure that I can be the person and man I’ve always known I could be”.

I received my Masters in Psychotherapy from Wilfred Laurier University in Waterloo, Ontario.  I’ve invested most of my career working with men in group and individual settings.  I’ve also done much work with men with issues of additions.

In addition to my MA, I hold a Bachelor of Commerce degree in marketing with an accomplished business background. I joined eBay Canada in 2002 as an original member of their marketing team and, in 2005, was part of the three-member team that launched the Kijiji online classified business in Canada. As a member of the founding team at Kijiji, I led the marketing and public relations team and later created the Kijiji Advertising Group. In 2009, the marketing industry publication Click! Weekly nominated me as one of Canada’s top online marketers for the year.

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