Teen Homelessness, Mom, MA Degree, Keynote Speaker

This podcast covers a remarkable story of teen homelessness, to teen mom, to a masters degree, to entrepreneur. Rhonelle Bruder is a tremendously inspiring and phenomenal human being. We only managed to capture 20 minutes of the 50-minute interview, and hope to have Rhonelle back sometime soon to share more about her journey.

Rhonelle Bruder shares her experiences growing up as the adopted child of a white working-class family, in a household with both parents struggled with mental illness. Rhonelle had a tumultuous upbringing and by the age of 16 left home and found herself homeless struggling with poverty and precarious employment. After becoming pregnant and forced to raise her daughter as a single mother, Rhonelle was inspired to change the trajectory of her life. And would go on to back to school, completing both a Bachelor and Masters in Science. After working in the corporate sector, in 2018 Rhonelle founded the R.I.S.E. Initiative to inspire, empower and support at-risk youth to overcoming challenges and discovering their true potential.

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