Mental Health Speakers in Toronto, Ontario

Our speakers have a vast array of personal experiences which they use to engage, empower, and educate young people about the variety of ways they can struggle with their mental health and how to seek help, guidance, and develop the skills necessary to promote resilience and wellbeing.


Jesse works as a Peer Support Specialist for St. Michael’s Hospital inner city health program the Star Learning Centre. Jesse Shares his inspirational story drawn from his experience and recovery from mental illness.

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He is a survivor of depression and grief in losing his mother and grandmother to cancer. Disappointment, anger, and hopelessness have been constant companions. He turned this experience into resilience, inspiration, and a determination to help others do the same. Learn More

Check out his advocacy work here – heartofaman.com


Marie lives with schizophrenia, although she does not let that define her.  Marie is committed to her wellbeing and recovery. She is a graduate of the University of Toronto with a Bachelor of Music in Performance Harp.
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Meshach is a lived experience speaker and musician. He is a speaker for CAMH’s Beyond the Cuckoo’s Nest program and speaks to university students in occupational therapy at the University of Toronto. He is a published author and co-founder of the Mindful MC’s.

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