Emotional Evolution | Tue | 6:30 – 8:30 pm | Oct 17 – Dec 12 | 2017

Our Weekly Meetup starting Tuesday, October 17th – Tuesday, Dec 12th 6:30 pm – 8:30 pm
at the Centre for Social Innovation 720 Bathurst st on the 2nd floor in Meeting room #2

If you’re going to be later than 7pm or can’t find the group please text or call Phone 416-834-7611

In these meetups we’re going to explore self-awareness and self-compassion to cultivate well-being in our daily lives.

Discussions around topics such as:

a. Mental health & well-being – how to cultivate a practice that builds resilience & self-awareness skills.
b. Family relationships
c. Understanding boundaries – personal & interpersonal
d. What is Mindfulness and how can it help us develop emotional intelligence?
e. Personal storytelling
f. Open topics for discussion from group participants

Included in the $10 cost of this meetup are light snacks, coffee/tea & water. TICKETS

‘Starts With Me’ is a company of ‘Peers’ leading a post-institutional mental health care movement. We create platforms to support gaps in education and services along with empowering families and individuals to increase their capacity for well-being.

Please feel free to ask questions if you have them.