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Healing and Living with OCD & Anxiety

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Mindfulness & Youth Mental Health

Holistic Life Foundation

Mental Health in Professional Sports

How to Build Psychological Resilience

A short & practical guide for teens to develop resilience and well-being to thrive in the modern world.


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State Of Mind Mental Health Podcast | Youth Catch da Flava Radio

In this episode, we discuss all things surrounding youth mental health and the high school students share a variety of perspectives and experiences related to their mental health and the stigma that exists in high school and beyond.

Youth Mental Health Resources 

  1. Kids Help Phone for Children and Teens
  2. East Metro Youth Services (Toronto)
  3. What’s up Walk-in Free Mental Health Counselling in the City of Toronto
  4. Anxiety CanadaA great resource for Anxiety and other related mental health challenges.
  5. Thought Spot
  6. Mind Your Mind
  7. Teen Mental Health
  8. Mind Check
  9. Good to talk
  10. Here to Help
  11. Time to Change
  12. Yide
  13. About Kids Health
  14. Mood Disorders Association of Ontario
  15. Mental Health Commission of Canada – Child & Youth
  16. Children’s Mental Health Ontario