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Join us as we speak with a variety of great teachers, psychologists, doctors and therapists about the joys and struggles of parenting!

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What We’re Reading (Parenting)

  • Dan Siegel MD | Dan has too many books to post here, this is an excellent one and links to his website where you can see more of his work. The Whole Brain Child
  • Barbara Coloroso | She basically wrote the book on parenting! This book is great and I think it’s the first parenting book I ever read. Kids Are Worth It
  • Susan Stiffelman | Susan believes that children need to know that they can depend on their parents to guide them through the ups and downs of their lives. Just as a Captain is able to navigate rough and stormy seas, parents are meant to function as their child’s best source of comfort and direction by confidently steering the ship!
    Parenting Without Power Struggles

Some of the Thoughts Kids Have When They’re Stressed

Thoughts kids have when they're stressed

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