Alyson Schafer - Parenting, Screen Time & Independent Kids

Parenting, Screen Time, and Raising Independent Kids | #12 Alyson Schafer

Parenting, Screen Time, and Raising Independent Kids | #12 Alyson Schafer

Alyson Schafer shares a ton of wisdom and provides deep insight into a variety of intricate family situations that any parent, child, or caregiver can relate to.

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Acclaimed Parenting Expert

Alyson Schafer is an internationally acclaimed parenting expert, family counsellor, and bestselling author. Audiences can count on Alyson to inspire and transform lives. Armed with years of research, clinical and field experience, Alyson provides a fresh and positive understanding of family dynamics along with actionable solutions that will give parents the skills and confidence needed to face modern life challenges. The end goal is to raise resilient, caring and capable kids.

Alyson has presented 3 Tedx Talks including the inaugural TedXKids in Belguim. She has penned 3 bestselling parenting books with HarperCollinsCanada:  Breaking the Good Mom Myth; Honey, I Wrecked the Kids; and her latest, Ain’t Misbehavin’ which have been translated
into Russian, Korean, Bulgarian and Turkish.

She has also been featured in such notable publications such as Cosmopolitan, Real Simple, Parent Magazine, Reader’s Digest, The Washington Post and more. Alyson also shares her wisdom weekly as the resident expert columnist for Huffpost Parents Canada.

As the media’s go-to person in Canada, Alyson is a frequently contributor on most national outlets. She also hosted TV’s “The Parenting Show” for 8 seasons.

Brands call on Alyson for her insights into family life and has worked with such notables as Bank of Montreal, Huggies, Kijiji, Kelloggs, Facebook, Labatts and more.

History of Alysons Work @ 2:00

Screen Time, Homework, Kids needing to learn how to be bored!! @ 10:00

Exceptions to the rule. Allowing our kids treats outside of the general rules @13:30

Kids learn by testing the rules and pushing the boundaries of the world. They learn through experience, trial and error. @15:00

Adapting our rules to the context of a situation. @18:00

Parents as captains of the family ship, being the boss, but not being bossy. @22:00

Triangulation in Family Conflicts – @ 24:00

Helping your child find their voice – @ 27:00

Parenting guilt. @29:00

Understanding what our kids need in the moment depending on what is driving their behaviour. @35:00
1. Attention Seeking
2. Power Struggles
3. Revenge
4. Avoidance.

Addressing Learning Opportunities when Stress is on the Rise! @ 37:00

Apologizing to our Kids and taking Responsibility for Poor Parenting @ 42:00

How much do we Influence our Kids? We’re not Masters of the Universe! @ 45:00

Siblings & Conflict vs Disagreement @ 50:00

Youth Mental Health Crisis @ 60:00

Socializing our Kids & Maintaining their Authentic Self @ 65:00

Loving Kindness to help our Kids develop Social Skills @ 70:00

Spirituality and Family Wellbeing @ 75:00

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