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craig currah
Mr. Stroh and I have worked together on various projects and events related to mental health and addiction issues. Both in hospital and community settings, I have come to trust that he will bring his dedication, humour, thoughtfulness, and his sensitivity to every issue and every project. He is easy to work with, a pleasure to speak with and someone who has taught me a lot about supporting individualized care to individuals; he truly understands how as a community we can support each other. He is an extremely passionate and caring person who applies his life lessons and observations in ways that inspire all of us to be our best and work together on improving our world around us.
Craig Currah – Recreational Therapist CAMH


Member of the Beyond the Cuckoos Nest Team,  Nominated for the 2014 Innovation in Teaching award: the Jane Paterson Award for Team Collaborative Teaching and Learning. This award recognizes a team who embodies a collaborative approach to teaching and learning. This award is the first of its kind at CAMH – a centre-wide award to acknowledge teaching excellence!