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  • Work quality is being impacted by isolation related mental health issues.
  • The current work environment is not conducive to manage mental health problems.
  • Organizations are not presently equipped to promote psychological safety & well-being within their teams.

We help you create connected and effective teams to navigate the mental health challenges of working remotely.




Who We Are

Starts With Me is a consultancy specializing in k-12 education and workplace mental health. We’re most known for helping HR and Executive leaders create mental healthy teams that are connected, effective, and purpose driven.

Over 100,000 people have joined the movement. Change the way you live life, it starts with you.

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Engaged, Resilient & Compassionate Workforce.

Attract, Retain, & Nurture Top Talent.

Decrease Risk & Improve Bottom Lines

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Our approach is human centred. This allows us to adapt to any environment and elevates our services to be innovative, adaptable, and customized to the needs of our clients.



Self-Awareness & Self-Care for Wellbeing.


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State Of Mind Mental Health Podcast. The stories underneath the slogans.


Covering a variety of mental health topics.

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