BECOMING the CHANGE we wish to see in our families

We recording this podcast as a double episode. Please check out David’s Martial Art of Parenting Podcast 


  • 01:33 | Your STRENGTHS as a parent – Mike reflects on the double edged sword of being HONEST.
  • 05:13 | Other strengths Mike did not recognize in himself
  • 07:08 | What we do when our kids feel like GIVING UP… the wrenching reality and two good instincts often at odds.
  • 10:15 | What it means to be POWER AND LOVING as a parent…
  • 27:52 | Where are you most challenged and VULNERABLE as a parent? Mike reflects on being SELF-ORGANIZED…
  • 39:23 | Being honest and COMPASSIONATE as an antidote to criticism, comparison and harsh judgement.
  • 41:29 | HARDEST emotions to deal with as a parent…? Experiencing FRUSTRATION and IRRITATION and how we deal with it.
  • 45:20 | Responding to ANXIETY in ourselves and our family…
  • 49:17 | More on SELF-COMPASSION and mindfulness as a path to growth and change…
  • 52:55 | Story of the BUDDHA demonstrating being a LOVE WARRIOR – both ASSERTIVE and deeply CARING.
  • 58:55 | Connections between how we respond to STRESS and PEAK PERFORMANCE
  • 61:39 | What is my GROWING EDGE as a parent?
  • 64:21 | TIPS on creating high QUALITY TIME of DEEP CONNECTION & PLAY
  • 68:28 | MIKE sets an intention and dare for himself
  • 71:28 | Asking permission to reach out, support and celebrate with Mike around his dare.
  • 74:09 | Reflecting on COMMUNITY and TRIBE mentality as needed to enable us THRIVE!
  • 76:57 | More about the PARENTING COMPASS (free resource online)
  • 77:44 | Invitation to listening parents — DESIGNING pockets of intentional and deeply satisfying TIME with family member.
  • 80:25 | SNEAK PEAK — talking to HOPE next episode – grappling with UNCERTAINTY and what is real HOPE in dark times!
  • 80:49 | How to FIND MIKE STROH… links to his work in the world helping bring