Consulting – Workplace Mental Health

We want to learn how we can help your team implement best practices in workplace mental health.

Please view the information below to learn about our 5C approach and how to “Create Mentally Healthy Teams that are Connected, Effective, and Purpose Driven”.

What is a Connected and Effective Team?

A connected and effective workplace encourages people to give their best effort, motivates them to think creatively, and cultivates an atmosphere for high achievement. Humans thrive in trusting environments. Admitting a mistake, speaking up about an idea or disagreeing with a boss are characteristics of connected and effective teams. Workplaces with a high-trust culture increase employee engagement, retention, performance, and promote individual and collective well-being. 

Key Benefits

  • Attract, retain, and nurture top talent. 
  • Reduce absenteeism & increase the effectiveness of your HR/People leaders.
  • Create an engaged, resilient, purpose driven and compassionate organization.
  • Impress executive boards & shareholders.

“The median yearly ROI on mental health programs was CA$1.62 among the seven companies that provided at least three years’ worth of data. Companies whose programs had been in place for three or more years had a median yearly ROI of CA$2.18”. Deloitte, 2019


For Executives & HR Leaders who believe the well-being of their colleagues is good for business.