It was born out of our struggle & liberation

Starts With Me was created from the transformation of personal and family suffering into hope, resilience, wellbeing and joy. Starts With Me is a solution to the challenges faced by Mike, his brother Dave, and family.

We create platforms to support gaps in education and services along with empowering families and individuals to increase their capacity for well-being. Suicide is the #1 cause of death in the “developed” world (outside of car accidents) for people between the ages of 15-24. Depression is the #1 cause of disability world-wide. Our response to this crisis is inefficient. It’s important to acknowledge that up to this point, educators, politicians and mental health organizations haven’t had the knowledge or experience to address this crisis. We argue that now we do.

Our number one priority is to help individuals understand that they hold the key to their life’s challenges. This is especially important with mental health, mental illness, addiction, recovery, and wellbeing. Too often, people are told it is ok to suffer, it’s just something you have to live with, and that other people ‘should’ treat you better or a certain way. We think this notion is absurd. Not only is it absurd, but it flies in the face of every counselling, psychotherapeutic, and self-help intervention. There is absolutely no rationale behind the idea that other people owe you something or that they are responsible for how you feel.

When we learn that we have the tremendous power within ourselves to change the world, we are liberated by the shackles of despair, self-righteous anger, or moral superiority.
This perspective does not deny the complexities of modern life that make this pursuit difficult, be they familial, social, cultural, racial, environmental, economic, or technological. Instead, it suggests that you have a choice: you can succumb to these obstacles, become resentful and hold the world around you in contempt or you can try to overcome them and put yourself on the path towards embodying a message as old as civilization itself. Self-actualization is the best and most robust form of resilience humanity has ever discovered.
Starts With Me pursues these goals through our K-12 education and workplace mental health talks and workshops, alongside our events and annual State Of Mind Festival.

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