Boys Need it Too!

In our communal efforts for female equality and empowering girls to go out and break down barriers and glass ceilings, have our boys been forgotten?

We are teaming up with the amazing ladies at Power4Teens to pilot a Boys Camp this summer August 13-17 in the Bloor West Village.

There is so much support for girls to connect with each and receive mentorship from female role models and conversely, a lack of it for boys. We tend to push our sons towards competitive sports and focus less on teaching boys about healthy relationships, compassion, empathy and understanding emotions. There is an underlying message that boys need to ‘man up’ and ‘suck it up’ and it isn’t helping them in the short term or the long run.

The philosophy of our boys camp is to ensure kids get outdoors and have fun. During the session, we gradually bring in lessons in communication, empathy, and leadership. With the help of young qualified male role models, we teach boys about physical wellness, mental wellness, resilience, and general life skills that empower them to manage relationships, personal discipline, and emotional regulation better.

A small group of young dudes (8-12) and older dudes (12-15) will work in separate groups in treasure hunts, paddle boarding, fitness, boxing drills & life skills. The older dudes will be taught skills in a small group and then develop and practice their leadership skills by mentoring the younger dudes and creating and running games during camp hours for the younger kids.

Please share this with anyone whom you think might be interested. This is the beginning of our focus on cultivating character and helping to build strong, moral, and respectful young men for the modern world.

For more information contact me or the camp Director Charlie Page – 416 – 697 – 8748 | – Power4Teens Boys Camp


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