Movement Fitness and Mental Health | FitIn Founder Catherine Chan #16

Episode 15 of the State Of Mind Mental Health Podcast. I welcome an amazing human being Catherine Chan from

Stemming from a desire to try a new yoga class, and frustrated by how long it took to find the right class in the right place at the right time, she was inspired to found FitIn – a platform designed to help the average person find and be inspired by the amazing number of fitness experiences available out there.

As a mental health advocate, Catherine works to educate, inspire and connect people by helping them improve their brain health through physical exercise, fitness, and movement. To that end, FitIn’s motto is: “FitIn as Yourself”

Catherine is a graduate of The University of Western Ontario Master of Arts program, and has put her training as an inter-disciplinary, big-picture student to good use as an entrepreneur.

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