Our Team

We create mentally healthy teams that are connected, effective, and purpose driven.

Jennifer Grant | MBA
Director of Events & Program Facilitation

Jen teaches children, youth, and adults mindful practices, the science of how our brains and bodies work, and brain empowerment strategies—the valuable life skills she wishes someone had taught her when she was a kid. Jen is an MBA who draws upon 20 years of experience working with some of Canada’s largest sports, corporate and charitable organizations to introduce these wise teachings that continue to transform her own life. 

Mike Stroh | MACP | Founder & Director | Registered Psychotherapist (Qualifying)

Mike has combined his personal and professional experience to create educational and training programs and practices rooted in experiential learning. The teachings are a combination of mindfulness, emotional intelligence, cognitive behavioural therapy, and neuroscience.

David Zarnett | Ph.D.
Director of Strategy & Research

David is the Undergraduate Advisor in the Department of Political Science at the University of Toronto, from where he received a Ph.D in 2017.  His work supports students as they address challenges in school and as they prepare for life after graduation. Through his work on campus, including as a lecturer and teaching assistant, he has witnessed a deteriorating mental health situation. He is passionate about providing students with the support and guidance they need to reach their potential.  He is also one of the last human beings on the planet who isn’t attached to a smart phone and only uses one reluctantly for emergencies and other necessary communication. (not for co-workers) 🙂

Ellen Choi | Ph.D.
Organizational Social Psychologist
| Director of Program Design

Ellen is an organizational social psychologist who trained at the London School of Economics and completed her doctoral degree at the Ivey School of Business. In particular, she studies the efficacy of mindfulness training on performance under pressure, resilience, and will power. Ellen has taught and researched mindfulness with corporate executives, MBA students, elementary school students, police recruits, and in health care settings.

Katie Baldwin Rn BScN CPMHN(C) | Program Design & Facilitation

Katie is a Psychiatric – Mental Health Nurse working at Canada’s largest children’s Hospital. She blends personal experience with years of working in the mental health field to deliver insightful, skillful, and expert knowledge that encourages people to incorporate these tools in their daily life.

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