#53 – The Problem with Workplace Diversity Training, How Can We Do It More Effectively? With Dr. Musa al-Gharbi

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Most Diversity Trainings Don’t Work. How Can We Do Diversity Training More Effectively? with Dr. Musa al-Gharbi, Ph.D in Sociology and Fellow at Columbia University.

This episode features a conversation between my colleague Dr. David Zarnett, who you’ve heard many times on the podcast, in conversation with Dr Musa al-Gharbi, who is a sociologist at Columbia University and a columnist for The Guardian U.S.

Broadly, his work explores how we think abouttalk about, and produce knowledge about social phenomena, including race, inequality, social movements, extremism, policing, national security, foreign policy and domestic U.S. political contests.

In this discussion, David and Musa discuss the current state of workplace diversity training programs and how that pertains to the psychology of division, identity, common humanity, and how we can practice living in ways that promote our collective wellbeing rather than the current conflict playing out in the western culture war between political and ideological tribes.

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