Human Trafficking, Motivational Speaker​, Resilience, and Mental Health | #17 Rhonelle Bruder

Human Trafficking, Motivational Speaker​, Resilience, and Mental Health | #17 Rhonelle Bruder

In this episode we get to learn more about Rhonelle’s amazing journey and about her big plans to help change how people think about human trafficking. She is an inspiring human being who’s contributing to the well-being of millions of people world wide who’m are impacted by human trafficking .

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More about Rhonelle

Rhonelle is an ​internationally recognized speaker, ​advocate, writer, and consultant. ​Rhonelle ​engages ​audiences around the world speaking about resilience, human ​rights​, and mental health. ​Rhonelle is recognized for her leadership in raising awareness of human trafficking and advocating for the rights of survivors, and has been featured on CBC, Global News, The Agenda, Flare Magazine, The Toronto Star and more.

In this episode I get the honour of welcoming the amazing Rhonelle Bruder. She’s aTEDx speaker, advocate, consultant, and founder of RISE Initiative; a platform for survivors of trauma and adversity to empower and inspire each other. A survivor of human trafficking, Rhonelle has shared her story of overcoming adversity and resilience to global audiences and uses her voice to advocate for raising awareness of human trafficking and for the rights of survivors.

Rhonelle holds a Master of Science in Health Informatics from the University of Victoria and an Honours Bachelor of Science in Health Services Administration from New York City College of Technology and has over eight years experience working in research and project management.
Additionally, Rhonelle provides consultancy to corporations, NGO’s, government agencies, non-profits, and advisory committees. Her expertise includes the design and implementation of culturally relevant, evidence-based and trauma-informed services for women, youth and those from diverse and racialized backgrounds; specifically, regarding human trafficking, social equity, and mental health.

Most recently Rhonelle has contributed to a review of human trafficking in Canada for the United Nations Inter Press Service and participated in a roundtable discussion on empowerment and entrepreneurship with Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.

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