Reinvent Yourself with Marketing Expert and Author Mahfuz Chowdhury | #15

Reinvent Yourself with Marketing Expert and Author Mahfuz Chowdhury | #15

In this episode, we discuss the journey of immigrating from Saudi Arabia and escaping conflict, to Mahfuz’s journey through mental health struggles, and his recently published book ‘Project Reinvention’ the social timeline of a millennial.

He is an award-winning Candybox Marketing manager and published author. 

About Mahfuz

Mahfuz Chowdhury has a career that he loves and has now added the title of author in addition to marketer. His book PROJECT REINVENTION shares how an average millennial bounced back from challenge after challenge, and reinvented his life from tragic to magic. This is his social timeline.

However, the puzzle pieces of his life did not always fit together so easily. Mahfuz has had quite the journey to get to where he is now.

Mahfuz’s post-secondary experience first consisted of a Business Administration program at the University of Toronto. However, as many of us tend to feel, he too had little idea what he really wanted to do while at university. Business Administration seemed like the safe choice.

It was at UofT that he had one of his toughest years, as he was not only suspended from the university with the added weight of $30,000 in debt but had also been processing the end of a relationship with his long-term ex-girlfriend. Not to mention, there was a constant bubble of stress engulfing him – people forever speaking of the need for experience to get a job in any industry. Panic ensued as he realized the only experience he had at the time consisted of serving coffee at Tim Horton’s. Little did Mahfuz realize that these hard and stressful times would eventually lead to better days.


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