Why Understanding Your Environment Matters to Your Mental Health

Starts With Me Journal
Vol. I No. 1 (September 2019)

Why Understanding Your Environment Matters to Your Mental Health
David Zarnett, Ph.D.
Director, Research & Strategy

From Mental Health Struggles to Purpose Driven Entrepreneurship

Meet Amanda and David. Two lovely humans who discuss their work in mental health advocacy and how they are creating a business through their passion and experience!

Amanda Lederle

Amanda Lederle is the creator of CreateBeing. A company that focuses on mental health awareness through mindfulness and creative expression. As an Artist, Amanda collaborates with people to tell their mental health stories through printed digital art on home decor, stationery, and apparel. This gives people an opportunity to see and use their stories in a new way. See more of what CreateBeing does on their website (createbeing.com) and follow them on Instagram. Check out their event calendar for workshops and community engagements. Amanda works with her business partner and husband, David. They both live in Toronto with their chinchilla, Chewbacca.

David Lederle

David Lederle works with his wife and business partner at CreateBeing, a company focused on spreading mental health awareness through creative expression. He has a background in Mathematics, Teaching and I.T. In his free time, David loves playing puzzles (Kakuro is his favourite) and listening to music.

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Cancer Survivor, Entrepreneur, and Mental Health in Sales

Meet Jeff Riseley, after his recent experience with cancer and his relationship with mental health, Jeff decided to bring his wisdom into his passion for training and leading sales teams. Now he brings a mental health lens that focuses on best practices to promote resilience and wellbeing among sales teams. The difference with Jeff is that he actually cares deeply about people‚Äôs health rather than the $$ behind their work. He recently founded Top Gun Sales to continue his mission. 

Jeff has also launched the Sales Health Institute as he pursues helping to create a healthier and happier workplace.