Working With Guilt | Compassionate Inquiry with Dr. Gabor Maté | Live Session Review

Working with guilt

Do you ever get stuck feeling guilty about something you’ve done, something you know you know you should be doing, but you never seem to do it?

This is a common human experience and one that we can’t avoid. Surrendering to the inevitably of difficult emotions is a necessary process if we want to reduce our suffering and promote our well-being.

In this State of Mind podcast episode, my colleague Dr. Zarnett and I discuss my interaction with world renowned physician and psychotherapist Dr. Gabor Maté.

Here are some of the many questions we cover in this video.

  • How humility plays a big part in effective problem solving and sincere dialogue.
  • How the present moment is impacted by childhood experience.
  • How to identify difficult emotions and how to interpret them in order to free ourselves from their grip.
  • How to honour ourselves for the courage we have to face our fears and work through them.
  • How consent and alliance are essential to effective, honest, and meaningful discussion.

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