Connecting Men With Real Conversations

Connecting Men With Real Conversations

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Matt Zerker

Matt is the Founder & CEO of tethr, a peer enabled mental health and well-being platform for men. Matt started tethr after the death of a close friend in 2018 sent him spiralling into a deep depression that medication, therapy, and experimental treatments could not fix. Despite appearing outwardly successful, he was deeply unhappy and lacking meaning in his life. It wasn’t until he found a men’s peer support group in Toronto, Canada that things started to change.

After a fateful men’s retreat in April 2019, Matt returned home and quit his high-paying financial job in order to find a more meaningful path. After realizing that there was an absence of supportive space for men to express themselves openly, Matt decided to create tethr so that no man would ever have to go through the same he did in isolation and without support. tethr’s mission is to let everyone that identifies as a man know that struggling doesn’t make them any less of a man – it simply makes them human.

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