Too Tired to Parent? Take the C.A.R. with Dr. Sen

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In this podcast we discuss how parents must start with themselves as the primary locus of their care and compassion. Only from here can we parent effectively, lovingly, and with the energy and enthusiasm to encourage our kids to become the greatest version of themselves. 

Dr. Julia Sen is a registered clinical and counselling psychologist with a full-time private practice in Richmond Hill, Ontario. Her practice includes seeing adults individually or as couples for depression, anxiety, grief and loss. Her greatest passion lies in fertility counselling and parenting. Julia has recently published a parenting book called, “Too Tired to Parent? Take the C.A.R.”, which is a step by step guide to becoming self-Caring, self-Aware, and self-Reflective.

Julia’s long-term goal is to help parents heal from their own hurts in life, subtle or overt, so we can positively impact our children to become resilient, mindful and contributing people in the world. She believes the path to healing and in turn great parenting begins with understanding that we matter and shifting from having a self-sacrificing mindset to practicing self-care and compassion. 

Julia is married, has two teenage daughters and two amazing little dogs she adores!

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Dr. Sen & Me after the Recording

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