Do you like being told what to do?

Do you like being told what to do?

I’d say a few people do. What makes this ironic is that our world suffers from a habit of finger pointing and lecturing.  Can you imagine the benefits of reducing our collective irritation that stems from the blame game and scapegoating?  I can, and what I see is happier people, a healthier planet, and space for more love to fill our lives.

Are you often confused about how to express yourself? Do you react to something that happens while you’re driving, or to something a family member or friend says, in ways, you don’t want to? One of the greatest challenges facing humans is our resistance to taking responsibility for our actions and blaming others for our problems.

We can dramatically reduce this burden by improving our emotional intelligence, and communication skills.

We often hear that we can’t focus more on our health and well-being because it will impact economic growth, it will stifle job creation, etc.  I invite you to be curious about this insanity. Can you think of replacing our obsession with economics with something more meaningful?

What does more self-compassion look like? I hope you can learn to value the human heart and soul above the idea of material wealth.  It’s time we stop paying lip service to this. It’s time to stop lying to our kids.  We often them it’s what’s inside that counts, be kind, be nice, etc., but we contradict those messages in the way we live our lives.

People say they don’t have time to work on their emotional life. I call a % 100 fucking bullshit to that.  This excuse is the reason we continue to destroy the earth and each other.  The ‘bull-shit-capades’ we feed ourselves is more insidious and sophisticated the deeper our resistance to change becomes. We have the time; but we don’t use it to take care of ourselves or to explore our emotions, thoughts, behaviours, and actions.

How can your daily experience change through improved emotional intelligence? What does self-care look like to you?

How can you do any of these things, you can research emotional intelligence, I’d start here with a modern well-known author and pioneer in North America – Daniel Goleman

I suggest you consider mindfulness-based stress reduction in Toronto check out Dr. Heidi Walk

You can learn effective communication skills, practice with a coach or therapist, or read about it.  If you want to engage with the ‘Starts With Me Community’ Come to one of our ‘State Of Mind’ events, or get in touch with social media or

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